"The most valuable capital is competent people. If you have them, you will succeed in everything you do."

Dear business partners,
I've come across dozens of companies in my working life, and I've always tried to see the people behind the enterprise, whether they're employees, managers or owners...

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Management consultancy Practical Management, s.r.o.
specialises in:

Comprehensive corporate revitalisation and restructuring in the form of interim management assisted by our managers and specialists, crisis management.
Consultation in the areas of financial controlling, sales systems, cost reduction, production management, optimising corporate processes and headcount, including changes in the organisational structure.
Due diligence, preparing companies for acquisition, searching for strategic partners.
Searching for lucrative Investment opportunities and potential investors - Investment management.

The objective of our work is always to improve the economic standing of our client, or more precisely to increase the client's corporate value. The differences between individual projects are due to the actual condition of the company in question, which influences the scope and intensity of our work. This may include one-off training for the management, introducing standardised management systems or interim management of the enterprise.