Securing operational funding and cash flow management

We mention liquidity management as a separate point, because companies do not fail through poor trading results, but from a lack of financial resources. Once a company gets itself into a liquidity crisis, this problem has to be solved first. Everything else has to wait at such a moment.

During cash flow management we provide:
  • mapping and documenting of all cash flows
  • regular forecasting and management of the immediate cash flow development
  • identification of possible financial resources - receivables, inventories, suppliers, customers, etc.
  • restored liquidity - the sale of unnecessary assets and no-turnover stock
  • decision making and the most efficient utilisation of limited available funds
  • preparation of materials for banks (or private investors), their presentation, and negotiations on behalf of the client
Practical Management, s.r.o. may enter selected projects as an operational funding source. The essential condition in such cases is one hundred percent control over the client's cash flow.