Analysis and proposals for solutions for dramatic cost reduction

With ever-growing competition the burden of high costs becomes a brake that can bring the enterprise to a standstill when operational capital is scarce. In such a case the only cure is perseverance and first of all, fast cost reduction. It is speed that can be of key importance for the further existence or otherwise of the company, therefore it is convenient to make use of well-tried methods, procedures and especially practical experience which might decide the success or failure of the operation. The major advantage of a consultancy in this case is its independency and lack of personal relationship and bias.

As part of dramatic cost reduction we provide:
  • cost structure analysis, including all specific items
  • an outline of the main areas for cost reduction
  • a one-off payroll reduction proposal (optimised headcount)
  • preparation and implementation of outsourcing selected activities
  • specific measures aimed at reducing further costs