Financial and cost controlling

The controlling system is a simple and very effective management tool based on regular comparison of planned and actual figures, enabling the management to respond flexibly to the current trends and environment. An integral part of introducing controlling is the change from an accounting viewpoint to a controlling viewpoint that better describes the management needs.

As part of cost and financial controlling we deal with:
  • more transparent costs, divided into fixed and variable
  • the introduction of a regular economic forecasting and planning system
  • coordinating the links between the sales, finance, production and procurement departments' planning
  • the introduction of regular economic reporting and active discussion around it
  • structure and methodology for preparing a viable annual plan
A relatively independent area of cost controlling is product controlling: specifying and simplifying the evaluation of individual products, product groups or markets from the viewpoint of their immediate profitability - actual contribution to profit. It replaces the traditional, often misleading method of total costs.

As part of product controlling we deal with:
  • dividing costs into variable and fixed, direct and overhead
  • costing (pricing) systems on the basis of coverage contributions
  • simple system tools for preliminary and subsequent evaluation of products (orders)
  • range optimisation with limited resources (cash, capacities, etc.)