Independent corporate analysis

Comprehensive corporate analysis

Every consultancy project is based on a high quality analysis of the company, providing a true picture of its actual situation. This is why we offer managers and owners alike the possibility to benefit from analytical methods, experience and an unbiased outside view. The result of comprehensive corporate analysis is a report on the company's status, including a proposal for solutions for the critical issues.

Apart from other topics the comprehensive corporate analysis focuses on:
  • the economic and financial standing of the company (including trends over the last 3 years)
  • corporate cost structure and labour productivity
  • the planning and reporting system, including the achievability of the annual plan
  • sales (its functioning, performance, activity, focus, reporting system,...)
  • the production management system, production cycle length, work in process, and inventories
  • procurement (division of labour, efficiency, inventory management, input price reduction potential,...)
  • the organisational structure, communication levels and corporate culture
  • applied corporate strategy, and its viability, especially from a commercial and economic viewpoint

Detailed analysis of selected business areas

Another option is detailed analysis of a selected business area, resulting not only in an independent overview but also specific improvement proposals for the management, or possible solutions to problems identified.