Overall revitalisation and restructuring of companies, including appointing interim management

Deterioration of corporate economic health is mostly a gradual and long term process. Shareholders or management sooner or later realise that partial changes miss the mark, and fundamental comprehensive measures are needed to reorganise and revitalise the entire enterprise. In such a case it is more effective to hire an independent consultancy free of personal connections and with no prior knowledge of the company operation, with relevant experience and knowledge. In these cases we appoint experienced managers to the positions of general or executive director, and sales or finance manager. This is called interim management. Thanks to this combination our company takes active part in crisis management, with full responsibility for the results of the project.

Procedure of taking over crisis management:
  • complex analysis of the current status
  • presentation of analysis results and proposal for reorganisation measures
  • agreement on the reorganisation and addition of the client's objectives
  • management takeover - appointment of interim management
  • introduction of standard management tools
  • implementation of proposed and agreed restructuring measures
  • regular evaluation of results with the client's participation
  • end of the project - securing stable management or identifying a strategic partner or new owner