Sales and marketing systems

To create a sales system that would reliably achieve the objectives of corporate strategy, or simply maximise sales or profit in long run, it is necessary to take a whole range of measures. This means a number of steps need to be taken, starting with the organisational sales structure, the motivation of the sales reps and the introduction of individual reporting - sales controlling, all the way to preparing a viable sales and marketing plan and long-term strategy that have to be smoothly coordinated.

As part of sales and marketing systems we deal with:
  • increased activity and efficiency of the sales agenda
  • regular sales forecasting and planning systems
  • the organisational sales structure and the distribution of sales activities
  • evaluation and motivation of sales staff
  • faster and improved services for customers by appropriate focus on the structure, products and distribution channels
  • receivables management - from prevention to effective recovery
  • systems of collecting and evaluating internal and external sales data